10 Reasons to Buy "Pre-loved" Clothing and Accessories

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Pre-loved shopping refers to buying clothes, bags & other accessories that have already been used by someone else and are now up for sale for the second time or more. While Fab50Fashions is not a consignment store, part of fulfilling our mission of bringing you designer fashion at discount prices involves finding premium items anywhere we can. If we find a great pre-loved item, we love it some more! We clean it, repair it, and restore it so that it is "like new". No one will know you bought it pre-loved unless you tell them. Plus, we think it has benefits that are priceless. Here are 10 reasons we think buying pre-loved is a good idea.

1. When clothing is thrown away, it piles up in landfills, takes up valuable space and takes a very, very long time to decompose. Recycling your clothing, choosing clothes made with recycled products or wearing pre-loved clothes is a smart choice for your wallet and the environment.

2. Many of our pre-loved items come from our local consignment shops and secondhand stores. They are then cleaned, repaired, and retouched if necessary.  It’s not just a great way to be eco-friendly and save money. Our local thrift stores include Catholic Family Charities, Goodwill, Paws for Cause, and others. These purchases support our local community by providing for people and animals.

3.  Buying pre-loved clothing helps to reduce carbon, water, and waste footprints between 5% and 10%. For this statistic alone, it’s worth giving a quality item a second chance. 

4. When you buy pre-loved items you do not have to compromise on quality and you can enjoy reduced prices — an average a 50% reduction — on clothes, shoes, bags or other accessories. Get high fashion brands without crushing your bank account.

5. Buying pre-loved supports the Retail industry and keeps good quality clothing from being tossed into the trash and ending up in a landfill. It also shifts your pieces to a more classic and timeless look. You can always fill in with some trendy pieces, but your core wardrobe will be filled with quality classic clothing.

6. Buying pre-loved clothing supports small businesses. Supporting small businesses by shopping pre-loved in your own community or here at fab50fashions helps the economy. Small businesses have fewer customers which allows them to give you better and more personalized customer service.

7. Buying a pre-loved item lets your unique fashion sense shine through. Pre-loved goods will bring you to the top of your fashion game because you will have access to so many different styles. And you will be able to afford more which means more room for experimentation.

8. We all love finding a good bargain. Taking the time to search for pre-loved items is not dissimilar to a treasure hunt. You might not always find what you are looking for, but often it is the unexpected purchase that stays with us the longest and excites us the most. Part of the thrill of shopping for pre-loved clothing is finding that great discontinued handbag; those designer earrings at 75% off; that vintage dress that no one else has. Most of us are led by the latest fashion trends when shopping for new clothes. You won’t find the same items cropping up again and again when shopping for pre-loved items.

9. Your pre-loved item has survived at least one previous owner and it is still in pristine condition. 

10. Buying designer clothing is a lot like buying a brand new car. If you've worn it one time, it is now pre-loved. Let someone else pay the MSRP. Get your designer fix at 50% off or more and enjoy the same quality.

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