5 Ways to Push Yourself Through A Poshmark Plateau

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When you start something new, you can easily see your progress. But once you reach a certain skill level, you plateau. Your growth appears to slow down and you feel like you’re stagnating.  Imagine you’re learning a new language. When you’re just starting out, you learn how to say something new every day. But after a few months, you’re not sure how to progress so quickly. It feels like you’re not improving.

You can plateau in anything – your diet, learning a musical instrument, even your Poshmark sales.

So how do you push through it?

1. Change Your Strategy

When you hit a plateau, it’s time for a change of strategy. What’s worked to grow your business before isn’t working anymore. To put it in a positive way, you’ve become too good at what you’re doing.

In order to grow, we have to steadily meet appropriate challenges. If you’ve plateaued,  you’re not challenged enough. You need to do something new.

Maybe it’s time to add another category to your Poshmark closet. What additional categories might be a good fit for your closet and your sourcing strategies?

Maybe you’ve done all you can with your current audience and it’s time to branch out.

You might:

  • Promote your listings on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create bundles for past customers.
  • Add another category to your closet to broaden your audience. If you currently sell women’s clothing, you might reach out to expectant mothers with maternity wear. Later on, you could add kids clothing.

Perhaps you need to look into some new marketing channels. If you only sell on Poshmark, you might consider adding some other platforms to your business like:


2. Look For A Change In The Market 

Maybe there’s been some change that’s occurred without you realizing it. Look at demographics, sales, or traffic over the last year. See if something has happened that’s caused your business to stagnate. The reason for your plateau may not be something you’re doing. Something may have changed in the world or the market (COVID, Presidential Election, fires, floods, severe weather, etc.) that’s impeding your growth. What can you do to adapt to what’s going on?

Can you:

  • Create more listings
  • Cross-post to different selling platforms
  • Increase your personal closet shares
  • Make more offers to likers
  • Check current trends
  • Lower your prices if possible – or increase them (sometimes this works)

3.  Track Your Progress

You may be growing but just not seeing it. It’s easy to see how you’re learning and growing when you just start out, but harder as you get better at it. Go back and look at the milestones you’ve achieved. Write these down somewhere and track your progress so you can remind yourself how far you’ve come.

One way to track your progress is to check your Posh Stats.

Look at:

  • Self-shares
  • Available listings
  • Average days to ship
  • Posh Ambassador Stats

If these have gone up, then keep going! If you don’t look at these stats, start now.

4. Ditch The Echo Chamber

Sometimes plateauing is just a matter of perception. You may be surrounded by people who pat you on the back and encourage you, but what you need is some stern criticism and productive feedback.

Identify people who have more successful closets than yours and spend some time checking out what they’re doing.

Join some Facebook groups and ask for closet critiques. Or, look for successful closets on Poshmark and use bundle feature to ask them to critique your closet.

Follow closets that you want to emulate and watch what they’re doing.

5.  Adopt A Growth Mindset

You can prevent and deal with plateauing best if you adopt a growth mindset. This is the belief that humans are dynamic beings that learn and develop over time. A growth mindset helps you overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Here are some proven strategies you can use to develop a growth mindset.

View challenges as opportunities. Find opportunities to add new listings. If you don’t have new inventory, delete and relist the items you do have. Find opportunities to increase your self-shares.

Prioritize learning over seeking approval. Learn to get the sales, not to accumulate likes on your items. If your item has 60 likes and it’s been sitting there for 9 months, delete it and relist it. Likes don’t pay your bills.
Learn to take better pictures and to write better descriptions.

Focus on the process instead of the end result. Of course you want sales as your end result, but also focus on all the tech and business skills you’re learning.

Cultivate a sense of purpose. What is your purpose for selling on Poshmark? Is it to:
    • contribute to your family income?
    • clean out your closets?
    • learn new skills?
    • bring yourself personal enjoyment?
    • help others?
    • help the environment by recirculating items?
    Choose learning something well over learning something fast.
    Don’t put out crappy listings because you’re in a hurry. Take the time to learn how to take your pictures and write proper titles and descriptions.

    Understand that making mistakes does not mean you’re a failure.
    • If you have less than a 5 star review
    • If you sent the wrong item
    • If you have a case opened on an item
    • If you had to cancel a sale because you couldn’t find the item

    It doesn’t mean you have failed.

    Learn from the mistakes of others. Look at other closets on Poshmark and find some that you wouldn’t buy from. What are they doing wrong? Why would they lose a sale to you? How can you do it better?

    Learn to receive constructive criticism. If you ask for a closet critique, don’t be offended when someone suggests improvements.

    Cultivate grit. Concentrate on your character strengths and your ability to keep going when things go wrong.

    Set a new goal for every milestone you achieve. Are you making sales every week? Try for daily sales. Do you have 100 active listings? Try for 200. Do you have 2000 self-shares a month? Try for 3000.

    Remember, it takes time to succeed in anything. If you just started selling on Poshmark a month ago, realize that successful closets have probably been around for more than a year. Maybe several years. It takes time and consistency to be successful.

    Want more tips on increasing your Poshmark sales?

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