7 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Reseller

Hey there fellow reseller! 

Feeling unmotivated lately? Having a sales slump?

Well, we've all been there.  I've been there. Just this week actually, but anyway....

What you and I must remember is that while making money is what makes a business a business and not a hobby (but hey, if this is your hobby it's all good), there is a more to your business than just sourcing, listing, and shipping. There are 5 million+ sellers on Poshmark alone, so you need to do more than source, list, and ship. This is the minimum. Here are 7 things you can do to keep your momentum going even when sales are slow or you're feeling unmotivated.

So, if you've sourced, listed, relisted, shipped, and listed some more with no bump in sales or motivation, try 1 or more of these 7 tips.

  1. Look for helpful YouTube videos. Yes, sometimes this takes you down a rabbit hole, but hey, you'll likely learn something new to try that you didn't think of before. 

  2. Follow the followers of big closets that you like. A great way to find people is to look at the party hosts. Find a party that features what you have a lot of in your closet, like Kate Spade, or Nike, etc. Follow the hosts and then follow the hosts' followers.

  3. Research your comps (comparable items) and make sure your pricing is reasonable. It is not the buyer's fault if you paid to much for your item. Make sure you are buying low enough that it is worth your time to photograph and list your item. That might mean getting creative with your sourcing. You may have to lower your prices and write some things off as a learning experience.

  4. Be active on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Those sellers who are supporting themselves full time are making a name for themselves (and extra income) as Youtube channels, course creators, and affiliates for other sellers and Amazon.

  5. Get your systems together. Put your sourced but not listed items, A.K.A. your death pile, in one place. Get your inventory system under control. Batch your tasks. Get those items into your spreadsheet before you forget how much you paid for them. Take your pictures all at once. Store your completed inventory in poly bags and put them in bins. There is always a way to improve these things when sales are slow.

  6. Cross list on other platforms like ebay, mercari, depop, tradsey, and others. Just make sure you have a system in place so that you don't sell your item on more than one platform. Or, you could separate your listings throughout platforms. Some only on Poshmark, some only on Mercari, etc.

  7. Just take a day off. It's O.K. not to work 24/7. Look through some magazines. Read a book. Thrift for fun and for yourself. Go out with your friends. Sometimes you just need a break.

Let me know what ideas you have for staying motivated. I would love to hear them!




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