How to Buy Designer Clothes at Deep Discounts – Part 2

Why 6pm is the Dawn of Discounts

In Part 1 is told you about how to buy discount designer clothes from TheRealReal. Today I’m going to share with you another way I buy designer clothes at deep discount prices. I am disclosing my strategies with you as part of my “radical transparency” policy for my store This is just one of the places I buy from. I’ll talk about more places in future postings:)

Another great place to find bargains on designer fashion is Let me show you some of the bargains I have found that I have for sale in my shop fab50fashions. (Yes, I would like you to have a look at my shop!)

I have purchased several brand name items from them and they are the exact same items you would find in high end department stores! Shipping is free if your purchase is $50.00 or more.

Here are a couple of the deals I have found.
#1.  Tommy Hilfiger Grace Tote MSRP $128.00. I found it for $39.99. It’s great quality for a great price!

How To Buy Designer Clothes At Deep Discounts Part 2

#2. Betsey Johnson Belted Raincoat MSRP $225.00. I found it for $64.99.

How To Buy Designer Clothes At Deep Discounts Part 2

When I sell them in my shop, I mark them up. This covers the time it takes me to find such great deals (hours and hours, honestly), the cost of my website and advertising.

But if you have time, you could buy designer clothes from 6pm yourself. Here’s how:

Go to 6pm and create an account. Then, try what I do to find the best deals.

  1. I usually choose CLEARANCE from the top menu. (But always check out the deals on the main page to see if they have marked down your favorite designers.)6pm

Then on the left hand side, (if you’re using a desktop/laptop) choose WOMEN as the GENDER and then what you’re looking for. Here I am searching for dresses.

6pm 2

  1. Then, just sort by %Off. This will show you the items with the deepest discounts.
    I usually look for items marked down by 75% or more. They are brand new, high quality items with MSRP tags still on them. If you’re looking for lowest price, then just click “Lowest Price” and sort that way. 6pm 3
  2. The sales change every week and just because something is 80% off today doesn’t mean it will be there tomorrow. Also, the selection of colors and sizes is usually limited, so you may not find the exact one you are looking for. But many times, you’ll get really lucky and find the perfect item at a very deep discount:) Oh, and they also have a 30 day return policy!

If you want deep discounts without sacrificing customer service; and you don’t have a lot of time……

……head on over to my shop and enter your information. I’ll start shopping for you right away! Yes, I need a shopper!


How To Buy Designer Clothes At Deep Discounts Part 2

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