How to Clean Sticky Pockets on a Vintage Handbag

Have you got a vintage bag with unusable sticky pockets? Here's how to clean them.

What you need:

  • Gloves (this is messy)
  • Cotton balls and Q-tips (lots of them)
  • Acetone based nail polish remover or just acetone
  • Paper towels - baby wipes optional

What to do:

  • put on your gloves
  • wipe out the pockets first with wet paper towels or baby wipes
  • soak 2 or 3 cotton balls in nail polish remover (make sure you didn't just get your nails done!)
  • rub the polish remover all over the sticky part - it will start to dissolve (don't over soak it - you don't want to mess up the canvas)
  • wipe, wipe, wipe!
  • if it gets too wet, put some paper towels in the pocket and let it dry before continuing
  • use q-tips to get into the seams and corners
  • repeat with clean cotton balls and q-tips until you have the soft felt-like lining and no more sticky comes off
  • let dry completely

Now you can use the pockets!

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