How To Stop Focusing On The Negative


How do we develop a more positive mindset? Marie Forleo has some great advice for us.

3 Simple Steps to Overcome Your Negativity Bias

1. “Acknowledge the fact that we tend to focus on the negative and give yourself some grace.”

Actively look for the positive. Notice the good in other people and yourself. As you encounter your tendency to dwell on negative traits in yourself and others, choose not focus on them. This takes practice, so give yourself some grace when you notice your negativity. Notice the good in other people and give them a sincere compliment. Give someone else a positive experience to focus on.

2. “Savor the experience.”

Bask in the positive. Give yourself twenty to thirty seconds to fully enjoy that moment. Doing this allows more neurons to fire and wire together in response to the stimulus and solidifies the experience in our memory. 

3. “Intend and sense that the good experience is sinking into you.”

Visualize the positivity spreading throughout your body. Consider the brain’s plasticity as neurons fire and wire together. When we consciously interact with our positive experiences, we can strengthen their neurological presence in our brains.


Take Action 

1. Start a Gratitude - Happiness Journal

If you like apps, try these

If you like handwritten journals, try these

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